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Hello everyone! Thanks for finding me on Bandcamp.
I'm really excited to finally be able to bring my ambient and experimental music to the public. Become a fan member and help support my efforts to bring you more music and fractal artwork I create. Join today and start getting great benefits for members-only.


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    A signed print of the original fractal artwork or photography used for album cover designs by Tamara Lyn (aka midKnight Muse.) Each new album that comes out will include a custom print of the original album artwork for fan members only.

    Custom Printed on 11x14in Professional Quality Metallic Paper to show optimum depth of 3D quality of the amazing digital art.

    (This does not include "single" album artwork.)
    Your print will be sent rolled in a tube for best protection while being shipped to your location.
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midKnight Muse
Washington, D.C.
Experimental, Organic Ambient, Electronic Mixologist.

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