KOLAPSE Omara's Darkside [midKnight Muse mix]

by midKnight muse, Tobias Reber



Omara's Darkside [midKnight Muse mix]

About this mix:

It was just days after my daughter contacted me after being apart for nearly 20 years.
Wrought will all the emotions a mother could possibly endure, they all hit me like a ton of bricks. For days I was caught between happiness for a future together again, and extreme sadness for all the years apart.

Days prior, Tobias Reber sent me the stems for Omara and I had been waiting for the time to feel right to play and create with them.
I needed a distraction from my current emotions and opened up the stems and began to see what felt right to use and express my state of being at that moment. Omara's Darkside came about in the height of winter (2016) when days are darkest, and cold is bittersweet. The promise of spring on the horizon had new meaning in my life, and realizing that life's darkest moments open to a world of new magic.


„(Oamara's Darkside) contains samples from „Omara“ by Tobias Reber. www.tobiasreber.com“
Omara (c) Tobias Reber 2013, released on the album “Kola“ (2013)

Omara remix stems released under a CC-BY-SA 2.0 licence. Published to accompany the release of the Kola remix album „Kolapse“ (2016)
released December 25, 2016




all rights reserved


midKnight Muse Washington, D.C.

Experimental, Organic Ambient, Electronic Mixologist.

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